We have worked with founders and management teams for many years. We are sensitive to the fact that bringing in the right partner at the right time is one of the most important decisions a family-owned business or management team will ever make, and we don’t take the process of developing trusting partnerships lightly.

When we invest along-side a company’s ownership and management team, the BCEP partners do not assume day-to-day management responsibilities for the business. Rather, we bring our experience and resources to help management establish goals for growth and improvement and subsequently to realize these plans together. We understand the unique challenges of strengthening and growing middle market companies and positioning them for a second exit, and this is where we focus our energies with our new partners.

Additionally, we leverage our broad network of operators, industry and functional experts, and service providers in the region to help drive the initiatives we identify and launch together.

In some instances we will pursue add-on acquisitions as part of the strategic growth plan for that business. The BCEP partners bring substantial acquisition sourcing, closing and integration experience to the table and can also bring additional capital to bear when acquisitions make sense for the plans we are executing together.

Our goal is to help position each company to achieve its highest possible valuation upon the next liquidity or exit event. This is a collaborative process with our fellow shareholders and the management team we build together.